RAAS Graduate Student Award (GSA) – Deadline Extension

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Requirements and Evaluating Procedure (2014) 

The Romanian Association for American Studies will reward one best MA dissertation and one best PhD dissertation submitted by graduate students and/or junior faculty members. The MA dissertation award will consist of a 150 euro prize and the PhD dissertation award will consist of a 250 euro prize as well as an official document certifying the receipt of the GSA.

The individuals who submit their work to be considered for the GSA must be registered members of RAAS at the time of the submission.

The candidates must be able to demonstrate their status as former graduate students (MA or PhD) who completed the respective graduate program in 2013 or 2014.

The candidate will submit either their MA or PhD dissertation, which has not been published so far, in three printed copies of the full document in English (Times New Roman, MLA Style) to the following address:

Ludmila Martanovschi

Secretar RAAS

Facultatea de Litere

Universitatea Ovidius

Aleea Universitatii Nr. 1

900 472 Constanta

New Deadline (postmarked): November 1st, 2014

The winning authors will be informed of the board’s decision by December 15th.

The GSA board will be made up of 3 associate professors or full professors, affiliated to three different universities in Romania. Their identity will not be disclosed before the announcement of the award.

The submitted manuscripts will be evaluated on the clarity and persuasiveness of the demonstration, on the originality and significance of the research and on their making an outstanding contribution to American Studies in Romania (defined as literary, cultural, or historical studies focused on the United States of America).